Picture of Karma Buying the car

Buying the car

Because I knew Adam, I bought the car for a really cheap price (£500) in April, 1997. Adam had apparently spent over 14 times that amount putting it together, but it was in a sorry state. However, it took me a year to decide to buy it.

The main problems with it were:

  1. The floor-pan has a large number of rust holes in it;
  2. The electrics were very flaky;
  3. The engine had not been used for a while;
  4. The petrol tank was causing the bonnet not to close properly (you can just about see it on the earlier photograph;
  5. The colours chosen were very '80s (black with fluorescent pink!);
  6. The interior had deteriorated quite badly;
  7. Three of the tyres were bald;
  8. The front quarterlights were broken;
  9. Squirrels had decided that they would stash their nuts in the engine compartment;
  10. The wheels had rusted;
  11. The gel-coat had lost its shine, and there was a surprisingly large amount of body filler on the body (Adam told me that this was to reduce leaking.


Here are some images of the car when I rescued it from under the tree (click to enlarge):

Picture of original engine Picture of original front of car Picture of original dashboard Picture of original boot Picture of original side of car

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