Picture of Karma A new engine

Let's go green!

The new engine (shortblock) was ordered from VW Heritage in Brighton. Two days after it arrived, I had my nice new engine fitted, and ready for action. I also had the front drum brakes replaced with disc brakes. Furthermore, I had a different exhaust (a Monza 4-tip), which was more Dinoesque.

The new engine didn't seem that much different - in fact it was slightly slower. This was probably due to the fact that the earlier engine had a sports camshaft in it (which one, I don't know).

A new paint job

I also invested in a much better paint job. My efforts weren't exactly the best in the world (it was the first time I'd done such a thing), so I took it to a local paint shop, and they agreed to do it for £600 ish. A week later, and I had a nice shiny car, in a nice red.

Beach shot Me standing by my car My car from the rear

New carbs

A short while later, I had twin carbs fitted. These were a vast improvement on the Solex-30 that was originally there, being Kadron-40s.

The next stage was to have some fun with it!

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