Picture of Karma The next stages

A new interior

The interior is very much as when I had bought it; the instruments are now yellow, and the backing is turned aluminium, but essentially, they're the same. The seats have had a seat cover over them too.

Hopefully soon, I will be replacing the interior completely, which involves:

This should take around 2-3 weeks to do, and cost £2500.

A larger engine

One of the people I have met as a result of working closely with Pete is Keith Seume, who has written a number of books on VW engines, and also builds engines to order. I am considering asking him to build me a nice 2007 engine, which should make my car accelerate quite nicely, and will also be a useable street engine.

If I am going to do this, then I am going to add some weight in the front to compensate for it, as there is currently very little weight there.

New wheels

I have the same wheels that were bought with the car; namely 245x60x15 at the front, and 295x50x15 at the rear. For a car of this weight, these are too large. I intend to put 225x25x18 at the front, and 255x25x18 at the rear. This should assist in wet weather driving.

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