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The Karma is a street car with
a well proportioned body having
smooth lines, that blend into
each other to make it look fast
even when it's parked. Its aero-
dynamic shape makes it a dream to
drive even when subjected to
Motorway cross-winds.
The Karma can be built in
two different mechanical
1. The Karma Kit built on a
    regular VW Beetle chassis
    will accept VW type I, II, III,
    IV, 914 Porsche, V6 Corvair,
    motors with no changes to the
    Beetle chassis.
    Our new VW replacement
    chassis, of ladder
    construction, is a welcome
    addition to the range of
    products we offer. It utilizes
    the VW front suspension unit,
    but changes the rear torsion
    bar arrangement to coil
2. The Mid-engine Karma
    will accept all engines listed
    above, but will also accept V8,
    V6, V4 and 4 inline, water
    cooled engines. All mid-
    engined Karma's require
    our new replacement chassis.
As well as the advantages the
Karma offers with its range of
mechanical layouts, it is unusual
in that it offers an amazing
amount of space for luggage. The
Karma also offers a roomy,
well appointed, driving
compartment that has an
impressive amount of head room.
Access to the driving
compartment is made easy by the
use of conventional doors with
winding windows.
The Karma is dedicated to the
belief that a car is as much a
means of expression as it is a means
of transport, and, therefore,
should exhibit the kind of style
and comfort which has more than
a mere function. For this reason
we offer the most comprehensive
range of variations in the
country, using one basic body.
Don't forget, with the Karma
you get a car that is designed not
so much to get you A to B,
but to do it with style and
comfort. If you think you can
afford to treat yourself, now is
the time and Karma is the car.
Remember you only live once.
R.W. Kitcars Ltd,
Newport Lodge,
Northfields Close,
Melton Mowbray,
Telephone: 0644 61555.


Design and specification correct at the time of going to press but are subject to alteration