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This section contains about the Karma, whether you're buying a second hand one, building one, or doing work to one.

Building one from scratch

This is what I would do in looking for a donor car:

Buying a second hand one

Kit cars are very individual - it is rare to find two of the same model that look the same, yet alone are the same on the interior! However, some things to look for are:

Things to do

These are the things that I would recommend doing to a Karma. Some of these may have already been done to your car, or something else which means you cannot do what is suggested here. I have also put an approximate price, but always check first. I have tried to make the price slightly more than they should be, since prices do vary. Note that the price does not include any labor - ie. assume you're doing it yourself!

DescriptionApproximate price
Modify bonnet to have more Ferrariesque holes£40
Modify doors to have more Ferrariesque handles£60
Replacement stock engine£900 for a good one
Clean and repaint engine tinware£70
New carburetor£400-800
New enlarged engine£1,500-5,000
Strengthening front£300
Lowerable front beam, clearanced for body£300
Improved shocks£200
Front disc brakes£250
Rear disc brakes£550
Monza 4-tip exhaust£60
Custom exhaust£200
Custom dashboard£2,000
Front beam strengthening£60
Cut out holes in side, and route into engine compartment£50
Seal engine compartment to stop hot air from cylinder heads / exhaust£50
Add cooling fans to engine compartment£60

Note that some of the body modifications don't really have a price, but they do need a steady hand and a steady heart!

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